Colorful Argyle Nail Art Design


Sorry, if it looks shaky~ This is my first time doing this! 😀

In this design, I used the following:



These are for the base color of my nails.

  • OMG Prom Queen
  • OMG First Date
  • Pinkies Collection Blue
  • OMG Gossip
  • OMG Banana Boat



Then, for the darker X shape in the middle, I used:

  • Paint Box BENCH Sweet Lavender
  • Paint Box BENCH Sweet Kiss
  • Girl Stuff Blue
  • TONYMOLY Green
  • OMG Honeybunch

For the white & top coat nail polish, I used:



  • OMG Colorless
  • OMG White Out
  • And for the nail brush, I used OMG as well…

argyle8 argyle7

My left hand 🙂

argyle10 argyle9

My right hand 🙂

jham blue


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