Sea Blue Nails


I tried combining 3 colors… And this is the finish product…

In this design, I used:

  • OMG Colorlelss
  • OMG Platimun Special
  • OMG Alexandrite
  • OMG Gossip
  • OMG Stobe
  • Caronia Fast Dry Top Coat


I used the OMG Platinum Special as my base color (2 coats), oh! don’t forget to apply OMG colorless for your base coat. 🙂 Then, using a thin brush (I used an OMG Nail Art brush) apply thin stripe coats of OMG Alexandrite to the base color, see to it that you wont cover all of your base color. Then, just like what you did on the OMG Alexandrite, do it using your OMG Gossip nail polish… Then if your satisfied with the appearance of it… Let them dry. Then apply OMG Strobe to add a different kind of sparkle to your nails. And that’s it! All you need to apply is your Caronia Fast Dry Top Coat! And your done~ 🙂

jham blue


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