Gold Bits on Tan


I used OMG’s Touch of Tan and BYS’s Pot of Gold. And for top coat, I used Caronia Fast Drying Top Coat.

I was attempting to make a Plaid Nail Art design… But Β the thing is, my OMG White Out & OMG Black Out nail polishes are almost empty… Well, I guess I should do that design soon~ I just need a Black & White nail polish… πŸ™‚

jham blue


3 thoughts on “Gold Bits on Tan

  1. I like glittery nail polish but I found it’s a pain to get off with nail polish remover XD I was struggling just the other day and had to rub really hard because I had a silver glitter nail polish.

    Do you know of an easier way to get glitter off? πŸ™‚

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    • There’s an easy way! Pour nail polish remover to the cotton, then just press it on your nail (it’s easier to remove it when you cover your nail and cotton with an aluminum foil, so that your nail can get soaked with the nail polish remover without your nail polish remover getting dry) then slightly press it to remove! πŸ™‚ I hope this helps… I do this when I have glitter polish πŸ™‚

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