All Glitter Decor Nails

2016 sparkle 3

First nail art post this 2016! I just used all the glitter polish I have! And I took tons of pictures of them!

On my left hand, I used:

  • BYS Pink Glitters
  • BYS Pot of Gold
  • OMG Blizzard
  • Etude House Pink
  • OMG Piano

2016 glitter 12016 glitter 22016 glitter 6

On the other hand, which is my left hand… I used:

  • Etude House Blue
  • Etude House Gold
  • Bobbie Hip-Hop Hooray
  • OMG Piano
  • Bobbie Blast & Bloom

2016 sparkle 22016 sparkle 1

2016 sparkle 4

These are all the nail polish bottles!

2016 sparkle 5

I also used sponge to cover mostly of my nails. So that it will look like it has tons of glitters! And I really love the outcome of it! Sponges are really awesome for nail art designs! I’m really happy to have sponges!!! 😀


Because I like these glitters… I took more pictures!

2016 glitter 4

BTW… This is one of my Etude House Hand creams…

2016 glitter 3

I really love this pic! ❤

2016 glitter 5

So yeah~ That’s it… Sorry if I added to much pictures today. Oh and I didn’t put any borders for the pictures. Did you notice it? Is it better to put those borders again? Or “borderless” is better? I ask to many questions… Right? Ok, I’ll stop here 🙂

That’s it for my nails of the week! See you around next time! Thanks for visiting!

jham blue



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