Miraculous Ladybug Inspired Nails


If you’re wondering who and what is Miraculous Ladybug… She is a character from the Korean-French action animated series “Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir“.

Here’s a picture of her:


This is my new favorite CGI show 🙂


Look! I have a Ladybug lotion! It’s from Etude House 😀 I have different lotions from Etude House! Hmmmm… I should post them soon! 🙂


The next pictures you’re about to see is my right hand… (Which my left hand did… I’m right handed by the way… In case you didn’t know 🙂 )


I tried to take some pictures of it in a close up kinda way…


Products I used:

  • Caronia Nail Hardener & Base Coat
  • OMG Gems Collection Indian Red
  • Chic Centre Silky Black
  • Chic Centre Silky White
  • OMG Nail Lacquer Atlantis
  • and some black Acrylic Paint

So yah~ That’s it! I hope you’ll like my nails and also I hope you can check  out the awesome show too! ❤ Hmmm… I might do a “Cat Noir” nails soon… 😀



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