Chic Centre’s “Kpop Collection” + Review

kpop collection 1

This is their complete Kpop Collection! And I’m gonna share it to you ladies! 😀

kpop collection 2

From left to right, we have:

  • Mi-cha
  • Noona
  • Soju
  • Seoul
  • Jamae
  • Ji-Hye

And for a closer look…

kpop collection 3kpop collection 4

Each nail polish bottle consists of a mini ball, it helps you mix the polish well! 🙂

Now let’s see the swatches:

(If you want to see more pictures of the swatch, click the link on the name of the color, I linked it to my previous posts.)


mi-cha 3 coats 2

This is 3 coats, no top coat. The color is like baby pink! 🙂


noona 2

2 coats, no top coat. This is the darkest violet from the collection.


soju 1

3 coats, no top coat. Look at that beautiful color! I totally love this shade ❤


seoul 1

2 coats, no top coat. The lightest shade of violet from the collection.


jamae 2

3 coats, no top coat. This looks like a shiny looking natural nail! I guess if you want to have a no mani look, this would look good! It somehow corrects the color of your stained nails…


ji hye 1

2 coats, no top coat. It looks like a flower petal ❤


This is my very first time completing a collection from Chic Centre. Why? Because I love kpop & nail polish… I guess that’s why… 🙂 But I honestly love them. All of them dries fast. And it’s only for 33 php each! I’m loving Chic Centre products recently… And my March 2016 nail polish haul are all bought from Chic Centre! 🙂 Here’s Part 1 & Part 2. I can’t wait to share those to you too!

You must be wondering which color is my fave… Well it’s soju! Next one is Mi-cha 🙂

How about you? What shade do you like most?

To know more about Chic Centre’s products, go to their facebook page!



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