March 2016’s Nail Polish Haul: Detailed Post


Because March is ending soon… I’m going to post all of the polish we’ve purchased. I’ll put their name colors as well!!! 🙂

All of them are products by Chic Centre

Let’s start with their “Boho Chic! Collection” They have 6 colors for this collection, they are Bohemian, Wanderer, Gypsetter, Hippie, Free Spirit and Dreamer.

But I only have Gypsetter & Free Spirit.

boho chic 1boho chic 2

I would love to collect the colors for this collection… but I guess it’s out of stock… I hope soon I can have them… Swatches? I’ll post them soon 😉 How much is the per bottle? It’s 33php 🙂

And next is BOBBIE’s (still a brand of Chic Centre) “Sugar Rush” Collection. I only have one of them, which is Candy Floss. I think there are 4 colors to this collection, which are: Mango Martini, Gummy Dip, Cupcake Kiss, and Candy Floss.

candy floss 1candy floss 2

I forgot how much is this exactly… But I think it’s around 85php… 🙂

This is the “K-pop Collection”. I have them all, this is the first collection that I’ve collected. 😀

kpop collection 1

Does these looks familiar? Yep, I made an individual post for this… But I’m including this here because we bought this on March as well! 🙂

kpop collection 2

To see a more detailed post for this, visit this link! 😀

I only have one from their “Kath-Queen Collection”, which is Empress. They have like 5 colors…They are: Duchess, Tsarina, Empress, Majesty, and Contessa.

empress 1empress 2

I’ve been looking for pastel/powder shades for like forever!!! And when I saw these I was so so happy!!! FINALLY!!! Pastel colors!!! ❤

But the thing is… I don’t have one color… I was like “NOOOOOO! WHHHYYYYYY!!! :(” 

I only have Daisy Wazy, Baby Doll, Hula Hoop and Marionette. The only shade I don’t have is Sweet Pea. 😦 I want to have it too… 😦

pastel collection 1pastel collection 2pastel collection 3


That’s it! Those are all the purchases this month… I guess we will not be buying anymore nail polish for the next month… Because I think we bought too much this month… But if I really see a “Sweet Pea” color, we HAVE to buy it! I want the Pastel Collection to be completed! 😀 Wish me luck! 🙂 ❤

march 2016 all in nail polish haul

All in all, I have 14 new polishes!!! 😀

Thanks mom! ❤ You’re the best!!! I love you so much ❤


If you have some comments, questions or anything… Just leave a comment below, or email me at . I always check my mail! 😉 And visit my instagram as well!!! Don’t forget to like & follow~ 😀

Thanks for reading & stopping by~


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