Chic Centre’s Pastel Collection + Review

pastel collection collage

Done swatching all these lovelies! ❤ What do I think about these products? Well, continue reading 😉

The “Pastel Collection” has 5 pretty colors:

pastel collection collage 2.jpg

Let’s see a closer look to the colors:

Baby Doll:

baby doll 2

3 Coats, no top coat.


hula hoop 1

3 Coats, no top coat.

Sweet Pea:

sweet pea

3 Coats, no top coat.

Daisy Wazy:

daisy wazy 1

3 Coats, no top coat.


marionette 1

3 Coats, no top coat.

All of them are 33php each. You can also apply only 2 coats! 😉 This is my favorite collection so far from Chic Centre Products! These colors are so lovely, and it’s perfect for your OOTD 😀 I’ve been wanting pastel colored nail polish! And now, I have them!!! Totally loving them! ❤ I guess this will be my most used nail polishes! 😉

So… What’s your favorite color?

Mine is Marionette! ❤

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3 thoughts on “Chic Centre’s Pastel Collection + Review

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