SWATCH: Glowsticks (Rave Collection) + Review – Chic Centre

glowsticks 1

This is one of the newest from Chic Centre’s “Rave Collection”.

Glowsticks is such an attractive neon green color! I’ve been looking for local brands that does have neon colored polish. I hope they’ll  release a Neon Collection of polish anytime soon 🙂

glowsticks 2

And if this shade is glow in the dark it would be totally awesome, but it isn’t… But that’s ok. This shade is super attractive under a bright light or even under the sun! I applied three coats of Glowsticks over a base coat. I didn’t put any top coat for this. The drying time is fast! 🙂 I love polishes are fast drying. And this costs 33php. This color will totally rock at a night party or even a normal day! ‘Cause the neon color of it totally pops out in the crowd! 🙂


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