The Ultimate Fishtail

ultimate fishtail 1

I have done this design with another set of colors… And I think the colors I used now are better than the previous one! This look is inspired by @hannahroxit

This design took me like an hour to finish. And I successfully finished it!!! I’m so proud of myself right now! 🙂 I only did it on my left hand… ‘Cause it took me an hour to finish it… I guess it will take hours if I do it on my right hand…

ultimate fishtail 2

Nail polishes I used:

  • Caronia Nail Hardener & Base Coat
  • Chic Centre: Black Velvet
  • OMG Gems Collection: Alexandrite
  • OMG Gems Collection: Beryl
  • OMG Gems Collection: Diamond
  • La Belle (I don’t know which shade I used… It wasn’t indicated on the bottle 😦 )
  • Caronia Fast Drying Top Coat

That’s it for tonight! I hope this design looks good! 🙂 Even if it took time to finish this, it’s totally worth it! ❤ And it’s also fun doing this! I guess my patience increased… 😀



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