Colorful Tiles

colorful tiles 1

I really love this design!!! ❤ That’s why I took a lot of pictures! Warning: Tons of pictures ahead! 😀

colorful tiles 2colorful tiles 3

Pinkies Collection Baby Pink

colorful tiles 4

Caress Snow White

colorful tiles 5

OMG Gems Collection Shooting Star

colorful tiles 6

Chic Centre Wanderer

I’ve used many nail polishes… Such as:

  • Pinkies Collection Baby Blue
  • Chic Centre Ji Hye
  • OMG Honeycrunch
  • OMG Gems Beryl
  • Chic Centre Empress
  • OMG Salsa
  • Chic Centre Glow Sticks
  • Chic Centre Sweet Pea

colorful tiles 7colorful tiles 8

It reminds of Rubiks Cube… 🙂

colorful tiles 9colorful tiles 10colorful tiles 11

Sorry if there’s a lot of picture… 🙂

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