6-02-15 Mini Nail Polish Haul

july 2 2016 haul 1

Christmas Polka, Disco Fever, Mermaid’s Secret, and another Disco Fever

july 2 2016 haul 2

The best thing about this polish is it’s HOLO!!! ❤

See that rainbow-y shot on the left, it is out of focus, and still have rainbows, that means it’s holo! 😀 And on the right, it SO SPARKLY!!! ❤

july 2 2016 haul 4

I know it’s early for Christmas… but this is Christmas Polka! 🙂 Loving the red, purple and glittery combination!

I guess the glitters used for this is semi holo… Look at the left picture, it contains pieces from the rainbow! :0

And for the last polish, I’m sorry to disappoint you… But I can’t get an awesome picture of it because of the light reflecting to the bottle of the polish, and when the light reflects, you can’t see the label on it… 😦

july 2 2016 haul 10

Here’s a semi clear picture of Mermaid’s Secret. But I promise you a better picture soon, once I’ve swatch this shade! 😉

That’s it for today!!! ❤


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