SWATCH: Sanity – QT Nail Color by WEENS + Review

This is my very first time trying this new polish brand from the Philippines!

I applied 2 coats, and didn’t apply any top coat. And because this is my first time using this product, I took two sets of pictures… They are:

Indoor, with lamp light, no cellphone camera flash:

sanity lamp light 2

sanity lamp light 1

Outdoor, natural light, no cellphone camera flash:

sanity natural light 1sanity natural light 2

What are my thoughts about the polish?

  • The brush is kinda stiff. I’m not used to that. But as I apply them onto my nails, it didn’t give me a hard time using it! I thought I will have a hard time with it…
  • It’s dries super fast! Which is a very good thing!
  • The color is opaque! I applied 2 thin coats of it, and tah-da~ That’s the color result!
  • It has a different bottle shape comparing to other products I’ve used.

I don’t know how much a bottle costs… Why? Because I got this from a giveaway. 😀 I hope this brand can be bought on all of the local stores. And I can’t wait to try other colors and other kind of polishes from the product Weens.


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