Revlon 735 Golden Confetti

Revlon Golden Confetti 1

The newest addition to my nail polish collection, Revlon 735 Golden Confetti.

I am in search for anything holo these days… and also glittery polishes… I want to have a linear holo polish someday, and also a mutli chorme… I really hope I can find those here.

So, getting back to my new polish, this is a bit expensive… First of all, it’s because it’s “Revlon”… It’s 250php…

Revlon Golden Confetti 2

It is a confetti looking topper polish. It’s super fast drying! And I totally love it.

Revlon Golden Confetti 3

Look at that! I didn’t know my phone camera can take a picture like this! 🙂 You will see more of this kind of picture in the future!

Revlon Golden Confetti 4Revlon Golden Confetti 5

And I’m currently working on taking pictures of all of my glitter, holo, and regular polish… And I’m editing some of them now… Why? Because I want to have a new page about all of the polishes I have with the pictures with the same background, and the same style as what your seeing right now… 🙂

I guess that’s it for today… It’s raining heavily here… A bit cold (which I totally like) 😉

Have a good day everyone! ❤


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