29th of August Mini Haul + What is Holo?

lofes haul aug 29 16

It’s my first time trying this brand, and my first time seeing it as well. They’re made in Korea. And all of them are HOLO!!! Oh yaaaaaas!!!! Finally more HOLO!!! โค

To those who don’t know what “holo” is, it’s short for “holographic”. In nail art, it refers to something super sparkly but not like a glitter sparkle. It shifts to different rainbow-y colors when the light changes! Oh, and if you squint your eyes… You can see the rainbow sparkle! Also if you use your camera to take a video, and don’t put it on focus, you’ll see it. ย Check out the video I posted.

I hope that explains what holo is… Let’s get back to my new polishes!

203 Pink Cubic

503 Purple Sparkle

604 Blue Cubic

I just tried Purple Sparkle… I’ll try to post it in a bit ๐Ÿ˜‰

Which is your fave?



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