DIY Cuticle Oil Pen


I was using baby oil and a cotton bud every time I hydrated and remove my mani… It’s a bit of a waste to use a cotton bud every time… So I saw a DIY Cuticle Oil Pen on the internet, and I tried it out~

What you’ll be needing are:

  • Crayola Marker (I prefer this one because it’s easier to clean and to fill it up)
  • Cuticle Oil / Baby Oil
  • Tweezers (If necessary)ย 


So I made a video tutorial for it…

Oh… and you have to use a marker with a lighter color, because it’s easier for it to be rinsed.


It has to be white (like the picture above) and 100% dry… Wait for a day or two so that it’s completely dry… And pour the oil~ and that’s it! It’s ready to use!!!


Now, I can easily hydrate my nails! ๐Ÿ™‚

If you have some questions or you have anything in mind, leave it on the comment section below! โค


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