BornPrettyStore 6th Year Anniversary Gift


Yesterday, a card was on our gate, and I’m so excited to get it because I had a feeling that it’s from the post office and we can claim the parcel from BornPrettyStore!!! And I was right!!!!!

We claimed them earlier today~

These are the items from BornPrettyStore’s 6th Year Anniversary Gift!!! And all of them are free!!!

This gift contains:

  • BornPretty Stamping Nail Art Plate Collection
  • BornPretty Space Stamper & Scraper Set
  • BornPretty 10 pcs. Xmas Nail Scrapers Pack

bps6yrs 1.jpg

This is a close up picture for the stamping plate.


It has blue protective film to prevent it from scratching. But you have to remove the film in order to use it.

This is the Space Stamper & Scraper Set.

(Front)                                                                                            (Back)


It contains 2 scrapers inside the box.


Look at that beautiful purple-glittery-galaxy-spacey stamper!!!


The stamper is really sticky & soft! But I haven’t tried using it, same as with the plate. But I will try them!!!

These are 10 adorable Christmas Scrapers!!!


Front                         |                         Back

Aren’t they cute?!?

Thank you so much BornPrettyStore for all of these!!! ❤

And that’s it for today!!! ❤

Oh… Which is your favorite???



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