Happy New Year HoneyCrunchers!!!


In a few hours, 2016 will be leaving us and we’ll be saying hello to 2017!!!

I just wanna say I had a blast in blogging on 2016! And it’s the year I started YouTubing! And It will be one of my most memorable year! ❤ I wanna thank each and everyone of you for following my blogs! (Click here to see my other blog) 

I don’t know how nail art designs I created this 2016, but I bet it was many~

I wanna share to you guys my blog’s development,

Here’s 2015:


Here’s 2016:


Everything increased!!! and I wanna say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

2017 will be my third year in blogging, and I hope you will continue to support my blog, my YouTube channel and my Instagram!

Thank you for everything ❤ I love you all ❤

Have a Happy New Year HoneyCrunchers!!! ❤


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