BornPrettyStore Review: Odor-Free Latex Cuticle Guard


Here’s my review for @bornprettystore Odor-Free Latex Cuticle Guard: (Item#36614)

🔹It has a very nice bottle, plus it comes with a box.
🔹The handle of the brush is easy to hold.
🔹The brush is perfect. It’s not to thick and not to thin.
🔹It’s REALLY odor-free.
🔹The drying time of the product depends on how thick you apply it onto your skin. When I used it, it dried within a minute!
🔹It’s really great for clean up! 🔹It’s a MUST HAVE item if you love doing your nails.
🔹Plus it has a variety of colors to choose from

You can check out the product here! Don’t forget to use my 10% discount coupon, HCW10 on the regular priced items!!!


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