BornPrettyStore Chameleon Starry Varnish (BPC005) Review

Chameleon Starry Varnish 1

Hey there! I’m back with another review for BornPrettyStore! I’m super happy to have this holographic multi-chrome nail polish. Last week I asked you guys which product from the 4th batch of items that BornPrettyStore sent me… And you guys voted for this one the most!



This chameleon starry nail varnish  requires a black base. Any black nail polish will do~ Then apply two to three coats of the chameleon starry varnish. And tadah~ You’re already set to wow your friends with this beautiful holographic multi-chrome nail polish.

The color shifting effect depends on the light you’re using.

Chameleon Starry Varnish 6

And now let’s proceed to the review!

  • It requires a black base before apply this one.
  • It’s 10ml.
  • It has holographic glitters.
  • The color shifting effect can be seen on the bottle and on your nails.
  • It dries super fast!
  • And it’s super pretty!!!

I super recommend this for all of you who wants a multi-chrome polish with a holographic effect!

If you’re going to try this product, use my 10% discount coupon code HCW10 . It works for all regular priced items!

Chameleon Starry Varnish 13

I’ll be posting my video review soon!!!


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