OMG “French Manicure” Collection Review & Swatches

this post is not sponsored

Bonjour eveyrone!

Here’s OMG’s “French Manicure” Collection.

Before the post starts, I wanna let you know that this is not a sponsored post. We bought all of these polishes at the Department Store. 

First we have,


This shade reminds me of the color of peaches!

avant-garde (new art technique) 7

Then we have,

1c'est la vie

It has a pretty creamy color. It somehow looks the same as my skin tone… 🙂

c_est la vie (such a life) 7

Third is,

1deja vu

This shades is like light ash-y gray.

deja vu (already seen) 7

Then we have,

1je t_aime

Reminds me of yam and old rose. It’s more of a purple than a violet.

je t_aime ( i love you) 7

Fifth one is,


It’s like a sky in the bottle! This is very bright and relaxing~ My favorite of them all…

mademoiselle (Young Woman) 7

And lastly we have,

1tu es belle

It has a bluish kinda gray color~

tu es belle (you are beautiful) 7

Here are the swatches side by side:

omg c2

And bottle shots:

omg c4

Review for OMG’s “French Manicure” Collection:

  • The collection has six soft shades.
  • The formula of the polish is not thick but it’s easy to apply on your nails.
  • It’s completely opaque within two coats.
  • It dries fast.
  • Each bottle is 30.00 pesos.

And that’s it for today’s review and swatches! Make sure to check out my YouTube channel to see my video review for it and see/hear how I struggled with the French pronunciations of their names… And see to it that you will subscribe if you haven’t already~

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Comment below which among the polishes is your favorite! And would you like to try them?


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