BornPrettyStore 8th Year Anniversary Unboxing + YouTube Video + Promo Codes

Because will be celebrating their 8th year anniversary next month, they’ve sent me these to review and they also send me some coupon codes that you can use in shopping to save more and you can use them on October 10-16 of 2018!!!

Before we get into the codes, here are the products they’ve sent me:

Moonlight Butterfly

Thanksgiving L002 Stamping Plate

Christmas L004 Stamping Plate

Ok so now here are the coupon codes that you can use for October 10-16 of 2018:

Plus if you want to receive a surprise gift, type my code HCW10 on the comments section of your order!

So don’t forget to place your orders on October 10-16 of 2018 at!

Wanna watch my unboxing video? Click below:

Follow me on my official accounts:

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