OMG Mirror Polish (Violet & Blue) Swatch and Review + YouTube Video

Hello honeycrunchers! Finally saw this kind of nail polish from OMG. This is their OMG Mirror Polish. Some of you guys wanted me to review this one, and here it is! We bought two colors, which are Violet and Blue. There are more available shades at Watsons, but most of them were different shades of Red. Therefore we only bought these two… What are my thoughts about this product? Well… keep on reading!

First let’s see my swatch for Violet:

I put on two coats of Violet on my nails. For my base coat, I used OMG’s Peel-Off Base coat.

And here’s my swatch for Blue:

I also applied two coats of it over my peel-off base coat.


  • It’s opaque within just one coat. But I added another one because I always apply two coats when swatching.
  • It dries less than a minute.
  • The mirror effect of this polish is quite remarkable!
  • It doesn’t leave any brush stroke marks unlike other mirror or metallic polishes.
  • It has a nice full coverage.
  • It has a flat brush.
  • One bottle contains 10mL of mirror or metallic polish.
  • It costs 49.50php per bottle, it’s equivalent to $1.00
  • Bought mine at Watsons.

Some things to consider when using Mirror or Metallic polishes:

  • Before applying this kind of polish, make sure that your nail surface is free from bumps and roughness. Why? Because when you apply it onto your nails those roughness and bumps will be seen once the nail polish dries. It will really look bumpy and uneven.
  • Look for a top coat that’s for mirror or metallic polishes. Using a regular glossy top coat will ruin the mirror effect of your polish. Regular top coat will turn your metallic polish to a glossy and shiny finish.

Here’s the two colors side by side:

And that’s it for today’s post!!! I hope you like it and if you have further questions or any requests, leave it on the comments section below! I would really love to hear from you guys~

By the way this post is not sponsored by the company or the brand! 😉

Wanna see the whole swatching process in action? Here’s my swatch and review video:

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4 thoughts on “OMG Mirror Polish (Violet & Blue) Swatch and Review + YouTube Video

  1. Hello! Were you able to wet your hands an hour after your application? I just bought mine from Watsons and there’s a reminder that I should wait for 12hrs before I can wet the painted part. Is this really true? :/

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    • Hi K! Sorry for the late reply~ After applying this nail polish, I just let it dry for like 20 min or so then I normally wash my hands after doing my nail art~ I didn’t wait for 12hrs… was it on the bottle?


      • Hello! Thanks for replying. Yes, there was some kind of sticker instruction on the bottle and they’ve explicitly stated that whoever used the polish, shouldnt wet the painted part for 12h. I just thought that it was an exaggeration so I double checked and looked for tutorials / reviews. It was only now that I heard an instruction like that so your response is very much appreciated.


      • Mine didn’t have any instructions like that… It just include the instructions on how to use it, warning (if there would be irritation), the ingredients, and the brand’s address. You’re welcome K! ❤ Glad to somehow help~ 😀


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