Miniso Nail Polishes Swatch & Review + YouTube Video

Hey honeycrunchers! Here’s my swatch and review video for these Miniso Japan nail polishes. If you wanna check out my swatch pictures, click below to see them!

Morandi Gray

  • It has a dark purple kinda shade with a hint of subtle gray.
  • It’s opaque within two coats.


  • It has a deep red violet shade that is close to a plum-ish color.
  • It opaque within two coats.


  • It has a sheer sparkly gold base with iridescent micro glitters.
  • I applied two coats for my swatch.

Midnight Blue

  • It actually has a blue sheer base with blue glitters.
  • It’s opaque within two coats.


  • One bottle contains 14 ml of nail polish.
  • It dries super fast.
  • Two bottles costs 99php.
  • The colored polishes are opaque within two coats.
  • It also has a unique bottle.

I think I will have more Miniso nail polishes in the future~ 🙂 And guess what?!? We just bought 2 new polishes~ Ehehehe… 🙂

I hope you like my review for these products! If you want me to review your products or if you want me to feature your products on my upcoming posts and videos, just email me at and let’s talk about it! ❤

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