Nail Mail from OMG “Oh My Girl” + Unboxing Video

Hey honeycrunchers! I just received a nail mail from OMG. Thank you so much for sending me all of these products! Which are you most excited for me to review? Leave it on the comments section below. ❤

Continue reading to see a closer look to the products.

Here are six stamping plates:

Then we have a nail stamp tool kit:

This is OMG’s Nail Art Stamp Pad:

Here are some nail art strips:

Then these are OMG’s Titanium Tools:

These three are for men, they’re quite bigger than the other set:


Toe Nail Clipper

Finger Nail Clipper

Then these three are for women, these are smaller than the ones above:


Toe Nail Clipper

Finger Nail Clipper

Then we have these three:

Titanium Nail File

A pair of tweezers

If you want to watch my unboxing video for all of these amazing products sent to me by OMG, click below! Don’t forget to subscribe to watch my future videos featuring these products! ❤

Again, thank you so much OMG for sending all of these products! I cannot wait to feature them on my next posts! ❤

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