OMG Titanium Professional Tools Review + YouTube Video

Hey honeycrunchers, these are OMG’s Titanium Professional Tools, these were sent to me by the company along with other amazing products.

These three are for men, they’re bigger than the next set.


Toe Nail Clipper

Finger Nail Clipper

Then these three are for women:


Toe Nail Clipper

Finger Nail Clipper

And we have these three:

This is a nipper with a tweezers style.

Titanium Nail File

Titanium Tweezers

Here’s how my nails look after using three of the items, you can see my nails before on the video, I’ll leave it below~

I used

Nipper (W)

Finger Nail Clipper (W)

Nail File


  • OMG’s Titanium Professional Tools are durable and they have nice quality.
  • I’m quite impressed on how sharp their nippers and nail clippers!
  • They’re easy to hold and the design of the tools looks very elegant.
  • You can find OMG’s products at malls near you, or you can send them a message on their Facebook page.

You can watch how I use the products on my video, don’t forget to subscribe! ❤

Big thanks to OMG! ❤

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