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I'm a blogger and a youtuber named Jham, who lives in the brightest star from your right. Nail polish / nail art enthusiast; music lover; movie fan; novel reader; pet owner; Kpop fan. Don't forget to follow my blogs and follow me on IG @honeycrunch321 and @ms.honeycrunch321 :)

Bohemian Blues


Got a simple stamping design for today~ I added some blue and white colors on top of my gold glittery base color and stamped some feathers, arrows and some triangular shapes. Hope you like it โค

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Episode 12: BornPrettyStore Unboxing + YouTube Video (For Review)

Hey wassup honeycrunchers! This is my 12th nail mail from bornprettystore. And all of these items were sent to me by the company for review.

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