Happy 4 Years honeycrunchers!

happy 4 yrs July 11 2019

Say what!? We’re already celebrating 4 blogging years!?

Thank you so much for all of your support for the past four years. And I still love blogging until this day, and I will still continue posting on my nail art blog and onto my random blog! ❤

I hope you won’t get tired on reading my posts. Hihihihi~ ❤

Presenting honeycrunch321 mugs

Oh yeah~ We have three adorable honeycrunch321 mugs! Which one do you like the best?

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Disney Zombies stars liked & commented on my Instagram post!


Yes, you’ve read it right!!! Meg Donnelly and Carla Jeffery liked and commented on my post! Waaaaaaah!!! I’m so happy and surprised! Thank you so much Meg and Carla for making February 22, 2018 the best day of my Instagram life! ❤

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