Episode 19: BornPrettyStore Unboxing For Review + YouTube Video

Welcome to episode 19! Here are the products that bornprettystore has sent me for review.

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KPOP Collab Part 12

And we’re celebrating our first year anniversary!!! Our theme for this month is: Any fun, happy and entertaining song.

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BornPrettyStore “Throne” Stamping Polish Review + YouTube Video

Hey honeycrunchers, got a new review for bornprettystore. It’s their black stamping polish called “Pure”.

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Happy 4 Years honeycrunchers!

happy 4 yrs July 11 2019

Say what!? We’re already celebrating 4 blogging years!?

Thank you so much for all of your support for the past four years. And I still love blogging until this day, and I will still continue posting on my nail art blog and onto my random blog! ❤

I hope you won’t get tired on reading my posts. Hihihihi~ ❤