Half Glitter Gradient

half glitter gradient (1)

I really don’t know what design I should do today… And I come up with this… 🙂

half glitter gradient (2)half glitter gradient (3)

I totally like this design! 😀 The products I used are:

  • Caronia Base Coat
  • OMG Gems Collection – Diamond
  • OMG Gems Collection – Sapphire
  • OMG Gems Collection – Indian Red
  • OMG Gems Collection – Aquamarine
  • OMG Gems Collection – Beryl
  • OMG Gems Collection – Fluorite
  • BOBBIE Top Coat


What do you ladies think about this design? I hope you loved it! 😀 ❤ First design I made for February 2016!!! ❤

jham blue

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