End of June & start of July Haul

July 2017 Haul 1

Long time no haul~ 🙂 We bought these not all at once, I guess we bought some of them last month and the others just a day or two ago… 🙂

Let’s star with the nail polishes, and they’re from different brands…

July 2017 Haul 3

(from left to right)

Azalea, Glitchy, Silhouette, Wicked, and Azalea

(yes, i got two “Azalea” 🙂 It’s because I love the color and it’s holo 😉 )

July 2017 Haul 7

35, 56

(got another bottle of my favorite white nail polish)

July 2017 Haul 8


July 2017 Haul 5

6pcs. Nail Art Brush Set

(We bought new brushes!!! Because my previous brushes are all worn out~ My previous ones are also from the same brand. If they could speak, maybe they told me that they’re super tired for a very long time, and they needed to retire XD)

July 2017 Haul 9

I think the main purpose of this product is to keep medicine… But I will use it as a charm or deco container. I was surprised when I opened it from the packaging because I didn’t know it was detachable! ^o^

July 2017 Haul 11

Now I can keep my charms and decos safe and nicely kept. 🙂

And that’s it for today’s haul~ Which one did you like the best? Write it on the comments section! Thanks for stopping by~

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