Mini Haul – December 2017

Crayon min haul

Hey honeycrunchers! Before 2017 closes, here’s my last mini haul. And I think I will be doing this at the end of each month starting next year (unless I/we didn’t buy any nail art things related for a whole month…). 

All the items that you see above are from the brand Crayon“. Crayon is a Japanese brand that has a lot of varieties of nail art goodies and other cosmetic items. From their Instagram page, I saw a lot of different cosmetic items and many products that are nail art related, such as: nail polishes, stickers, nail decors, gems, stamping plates, and many many more!

So far I’ve seen nail art stickers, stamping plates, and nail art confetti at Japan Home Center.

Oh and if you’re wondering, this is not a sponsored post. We bought the products that are featured in today’s post. 🙂

Ok, so let’s take a look at the first one, and it’s a nail art sticker with a gelato design:

dec 2017 crayon mini haul 1

This reminds me of rocky road and double dutch flavored ice cream.

dec 2017 crayon mini haul 7

This has only one sheet of sticker.

dec 2017 crayon mini haul 8dec 2017 crayon mini haul 9

This costs 66php.

Next we have is another gelato nail sticker and it has some kiwis & oranges:

dec 2017 crayon mini haul 2dec 2017 crayon mini haul 4dec 2017 crayon mini haul 5dec 2017 crayon mini haul 6

They also have a lot of ice cream and gelato nail sticker designs, here they are:

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【新商品のお知らせ】 *ひんやり美味しいスイーツアート* ジェラートネイルシールの登場です!🍨 自由にパーツを組み合わせれば、オリジナルのアイスネイルを作れちゃいます😊✨ あなただけのお好みのアイスネイルを、是非作ってみてください💨 クレヨン ジェラートネイルシール  全6種  近日発売! (期間限定商品) #100均 #100均ネイル #クレヨンタッチミー #crayontouchme #ジェラートネイルシール #ジェラートネイル #ネイルシール #シールネイル #スイーツネイルシール #スイーツネイル #アイスネイル #ミントネイル #チョコミントネイル #チョコレートネイル #チョコネイル #アイスキャンディ #アイスキャンディネイル #夏ネイル

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And lastly, we have is a container of colorful confetti:

dec 2017 crayon mini haul 3

The name of this product is Drop Holo, but it’s not actually holographic.

dec 2017 crayon mini haul 10

This contains different sizes of circular colorful confetti.

dec 2017 crayon mini haul 11dec 2017 crayon mini haul 12

There are lots of color variations of this kind of nail decor in stores, here are some of them:

Each of the products costs 66php at Japan Home Center. I don’t know if you can find them in other stores~ We bought all of these there~ 🙂

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That’s it for today, have a happy new year! And I’ll see you on my next post!

Love you all ❤


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