MUMUSO PH Swatches & Review + Review Video

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Wassup my lovely honeycrunchers! Here are some products by the brand, MUMUSO Philippines. And in today’s post I’ll be sharing you my swatches and review for them!

First, here’s their MUMUSO Gugu Cotton Pads

mumuso ph 1

  • In one pack, there are 180 pieces.
  • It also says on the packaging that it’s soft & comfortable, mild on skin, edge-pressed, lint-free, and ultra soft.
  • When I used it together with their Sakura Extract Fast Nail Polish Remover, it really absorbed the nail polish remover well, and it didn’t leave any lints just like cotton ball would do.

Next we have is their Sakura Extract Fast Nail Polish Remover in Cherry Blossom Scent

mumuso ph 3

  • The color of it is pink, and I don’t know how cherry blossoms’ smell… therefore I can’t compare if it really has a scent of a cherry blossom.
  • For me, this nail polish remover didn’t dry my skin or my nails.
  • It’s somehow moisturizing and it doesn’t have a strong acetone scent.
  • It didn’t just removed my nail polish, but it also hydrated my nails.

Then we have six nail polishes, three of them is from their “Dazzle Nail Color” and three of them are called “Magic Nail Polish“.

mumuso ph 2

Here are my swatches for their “Dazzle Nail Color”:


Rouge Pink  | Snowflake PUR  |  Hibiscus Quicksand

Rouge Pink

mumuso rouge pink 2

  • It has a sweet shade of pink which is light and vibrant at the same time.
  • This shade of pink is not overpowering and that’s why I love it!


Snowful PUR

mumuso snowflake pur 2

  • It has a clear base with magenta, yellow gold, and white hexagon glitters. Plus it has some white conffettis.

I used Rouge Pink as my base color.


Hibiscus Quicksand

mumuso hibiscus quicksand 2

  • It has a strong crimson shade with silver micro glitters.
  • You can see it’s beauty within just one coat.
  • It also has a metallic vibe finish.


Here are my swatches for their “Magic Nail Polish”:


Shiny Silver  |  Light Blue Sand  |  Pearl Sequins

Shiny Silver

mumuso shiny silver 2

  • It has a clear base with different sizes of holographic glitters.I used it as a holographic french tip on @mumusoph ‘s Light Blue Sand


Light Blue Sand

mumuso light blue sand 2

  • It has a sparkly light blue shade with gold shimmers.
  • When I applied two coats, I can see it shifts into three colors, light blue, gold and a bit of silver.


Pearl Sequins

mumuso pearl sequins 2

  • It has a clear base with different sizes of iridescent glitters.The base I used is Hibiscus Quicksand by @mumusoph


If you want to check more about MUMUSO PH, here are their official accounts:

Facebook  &  Instagram

And if you would love to watch my live swatches and video review for their products, click below to watch it!

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