BornPrettyStore 3pcs Liner Brushes Review + Pastel Galaxy Nail Art

BPS 11 5

Hello my lovely honeycrunchers, for today, I’ll be reviewing these liner brushes by bornprettystore.

BPS 11 6


  • You can have 3 pcs. of liner brush for just $1.59
  • It has 3 different lengths.
  • It’s very affordable.
  • You can use this for detailed nail art painting.

Here’s my pastel galaxy nail art using bornprettystore‘s liner brush:

BPS Brushes Constellations 1BPS Brushes Constellations 2

Disco Fever – Caress

BPS Brushes Constellations 3

Silky White – Chic Nail Color

BPS Brushes Constellations 4BPS Brushes Constellations 5

I also painted a Libra constellation 😀

BPS Brushes Constellations 6

Wanna try these brushes? Here’s the link for it!

BPS Brushes Constellations 7

Wanna watch my nail art tutorial and review video for this? Click here!

BPS Brushes Constellations 8

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