SOLIQUE (Nylon & Midnight Dreams) by Girl Stuff Swatch & Review + YouTube Video

Hey loves!

Here’s my swatch and review for my very first SOLIQUE Instant Gel Polishes by Girl Stuff.

This is Nylon.

  • I applied three coats of Nylon onto my nails to even the shade better.
  • It has a light nude base with gold speckles, plus it has a shimmer to it.
  • And if you look closely to it, well specially with the use of macro lenses, you can see it’s holographic micro glitters.

Macro Shot:

Next is Midnight Dreams:

  • It’s opaque within two coats.
  • It has a galaxy vibe to it.
  • It has a metallic blue green shade the shifts its color depending on the light.

Macro Shot:

Here’s my swatch and review video, hope you like it!

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